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"As a political candidate in Ellis County, I owe the voters concrete, conservative ideas I can implement immediately to honor the trust of their vote and to bring law and order to the bench." - Grace Pandithurai


DISCRETION The American People expect our legislators to craft our laws and the judiciary to uphold them. As a Constitutional Conservative, I will maintain the sacred division inherent in our separation of powers and hand down lawful rulings in all cases.
RESPECT Litigants, witnesses, parties, and the public all deserve dignity in an American Court of Law. As a prosecutor, I have led many of our county's most vulnerable citizens through the court process, and I am the candidate equipped to ensure everyone who walks into the courtroom is given an equal level of respect.
ACCOUNTABILITY Elected officials in Ellis County are accountable to the voting public, and judges are no exception. This county expects its judiciary to conduct professional, expedient, and fair dockets while maintaining objectivity. I am the candidate to bring those qualities to the bench and will make those priorities apparent to the citizens of Ellis County.
EFFICIENCY All parties to court proceedings are due an efficient administration of justice by the court. As the candidate with prosecutorial and civil family law experience, I know what works to move cases fairly and quickly. I will bring this experience to the bench and expedite the administration of justice in Ellis County.
EXPERIENCE Ellis County voters give their trust to the elected officials they vote for. In return, I owe it to the voters to bring only the best and most meaningful experience to the job. I am qualified for this position because I have the experience to do the job right. I regularly train prosecutors across the State of Texas in the administration of justice and have spent almost my entire career standing in a courtroom, not sitting behind a desk. My background gives me the knowledge to start strong for the County on day one.
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